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Microminiature Interconnection Assemblies
Current Rating 3 amperes max
Contact Resistance 8 milliohms max at
.5 to 3 amperes
12 milliohms max at
10 microamperes

Contact Engagement Force

6 oz. max, 2.9 oz. average
Contact Separating
0.5 oz. min, 2.0 oz. average
Dielectric Withstanding
600 VAC @ Sea Level
150 VAC @ 70,000 ft.
Durability No mechanical or electrical defects after 2000 cycles of mating and unmating
Temperature Range Polyester, Polyphenylene Sulfide, Nylon and ULTEM
–55ºC to +125ºC
Physical Shock 1 shock in each direction
of 3 major axis per Method
2004 Test Cond. E of MIL- STD 1344. No breakage
or discontinuities.
Contact Retention 5 lb. minimum axial load.
Vibration No breakage or discontinuities when
tested per Method 2005
Test Cond. IV or MIL-STD 1344.

Salt Spray

48 hours per Method 1001
Cond. B of MIL-STD 1344. No resultant corrosion or conditions detrimental to the connector operation.

Insulation Resistance

5000 Megohms min. when tested per Method 3003 of MIL-STD 1344.
Magnetic Permeability 2.0µ maximum when measured with instrumentation conforming to MIL-I-17214 (unmated, no current flow).
Per Method 1002, Type II of MIL-STD 1344, omitting Steps 7a and 7b. Insulation resistance greater than one megohm @ 100 VDC.
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