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Min-E-Con Nanominiature (NANO) Connector
Performance Characteristics

  • Operating Temperature: -65ºC to +175ºC
  • Contact Rating: 1 amp max.
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV): 300 VAC (sea level), 75 VAC (70,000 ft.)
  • Insulation Resistance (IR): 5000 megohms min.
  • Contact Engaging/Separating Forces: 6.0 oz. max. / 0.5 oz. min.
  • Contact Resistance: 70 milliohms max @ 1 amp
  • Vibration: MIL-STD 1344, Method 2005, Test Condition IV
  • Shock MIL-STD 1344, Method 2004, Test Condition E

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The “NANO”
The nanominiature connector (a.k.a. “NANO”) is a little known connector size that has been around for more than 25 years. It was typically used in the high-end military/defense market. The original design was based loosely around the more familiar microminiature (a.k.a. “Micro”) connector line. The Micro connector is designed with .050” contact centers (pitch) whereas the NANO has .025” centers. The 2 to 1 ratio in contact pitch equates to a 4 to 1 ratio in total space required. The NANO requires only 25% of the space that is typically needed for a Micro connector with the same number of contacts. The electronics world is getting smaller and smaller so this feature becomes quite necessary.

MIN-E-CON has developed a “ruggedized” NANO for use in commercial applications in addition to the military market. It has a “scoop proof” design which means both the pin and socket contact are protected while not mated. There are two contact pitch designs available, the .025” pitch and our exclusive .030” pitch. The .025” is designed to mate with most of the “other” manufacturers of NANO connectors (consult your area MIN-E-CON representative to determine intermateability by manufacturer).


The .030” pitch was developed as
a non-hermetic mate to a hermetic military connector. Using this .030” technology together with our association with the U.S. Government (MIN-E-CON is one of only a handful of manufacturers qualified by the U.S. Department of Defense to supply connectors for military and defense applications) a commercially available version was developed.

Available Configurations
MIN-E-CON offers several standard designs in both the .025” and .030” pitch ranging from stainless steel metal shell rectangular and circular connectors to all plastic rectangular and strip connectors. The rectangular series is available in a PCB mount in addition to a cable mount. The size of wire used is typically 30 to 32 AWG stranded and solid wires. Other types of wire can be used once compatibility has been established. We also offer a “retractable” jackscrew hardware design on our metal shell rectangular line that allows for full and complete connector mating before securing hardware. This eliminates any connector/contact damage caused by “cross-mating”.

Consult your area MIN-E-CON representative for any additional information you may need on the NANO connector. As always, custom connector configurations are welcomed.

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